Nutrients are the constituents, which support the life. Water, Energy, Protein, Vitamins, Minerals are the nutrients, required in specific quantity for growth, development, production and reproduction. Feeds and Fodder are the main sources of the nutrients for the dairy animals.

Feeding nutritious diet is a pre-requisite for optimum milk yield and efficiency. Green fodder and concentrate are the ideal diet. The feeding constitutes more than 65 % cost of milk production, in dairy animals. There fore farmer must manage the availability of green and dry fodder through out the year. Geographically both the districts have canals, wells & check dams for the irrigation facilities. Maize is king crop of the district. The bio mass of the crops and legume are utilized as a dry fodder. Which is poor in digestion & lower in nutrition. The Panchmahal milk union implements various fodder development programmes to fulfill the requirement of green fodder through out the year.